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    Adjunct Professor of COMI

Huasheng Hong, Professor
Research Interests:marine biogeochemistry of biogenic elements and trace organic pollutants; Studies related to the utilization and protection of marine environment such as productivity of the marine ecosystem and its response to global change; the scientific and technological basis for the ocean and coastal sustainable development
Email: hshong@xmu.edu.cn

Minggang Cai
Research Interests: Integrated coastal management, the environmental chemistry and geochemical process of POPs and heavy metal, research of polar ocean environment
Email: mgcai@xmu.edu.cn

Luzhen Chen
Research Interests: Ecological adaptability of mangrove plants to global change (sea level rising, global warming and biological invasion)£»Carbon sequestration of mangrove ecosystem£»Invasiveness of alien mangrove plants
Email: luzhenchen@xmu.edu.cn

Wenzhi Cao
Research Interests: Coastal and catchment processes; Catchment hydrology and water resources
Email: wzcao@xmu.edu.cn

Fang Chen
Research Interests: Public policy, citizen involvement, human resource management of public sector
Email: aromacfcn@sina.com

Huiping Chen
Research Interests: international economic law,public international law
Email: daichen@xmu.edu.cn

Nengwang Chen
Research Interests: Nutrient biogeochemistry; denitrification in aquatic systems; river ecology and eutrophication; watershed ecosystem valuation; integrated watershed-ocean management
Email: nwchen@xmu.edu.cn

Weiqi Chen
Research Interests: marine environmental science, environmental economics and its applications in environmental planning and management
Email: wqchen@xmu.edu.cn

Xuelei Chen
Research Interests: Crustacean and behavioral ecology, and law of the sea
Email: nwchen@xmu.edu.cn

Zhenming Chen
Research Interests: public administration, public policy, political theory, etc
Email: zmchen@xmu.edu.cn

Yunwei Dong
Research Interests: Marine Benthic Eco-Physiology
Email: dongyw@xmu.edu.cn

Qinhua Fang
Research Interests: strategic environmental assessment, regional environmental planning, marine environmental policy
Email: qhfang@xmu.edu.cn

Aiguo GAO
Research Interests:Marine geochemistry and global changes, early diagenesis of marine sediment, environment pollution prevention and environmental impact assessment
Email: aggao@xmu.edu.cn

Wenjuan Gong
Research Interests: Environmental Sociology
Email: gongwenjuan@xmu.edu.cn

Qiyou Guo
Research Interests: macroeconomics; Development Economics
Email: qiyouguo@gmail.com

Xiaomei Guo
Research Interests: management accounting, management control and performance measurement, environmental accounting
Email: ydxmguo@tom.com

Lixin He
Research Interests:Maritime Law
Email: helixin@vip.sina.com

Hongyou HU
ResearchInterests:Phytoremediation, control of invasive alien plants, ecological gardening cngineering, ecological restoration engineering, ecological management and retoration of basin ecosystem

Jinliang Huang
Research Interests:agricultural non-point source pollution at watershed scale, characterization and modeling of urban stormwater runoff, response of water quality to land use/land cover change at watershed scale, quantifying land-based pollutant loads in coastal areas, environmental applications of geography information system (GIS)
Email: jlhuang@xmu.edu.cn

Linfeng Huang
Research Interests: marine ecology, ecological restoration in marine habitats, maine ecosystem management
Email: huanglf@tom.com

Yicheng Ji
Research Interests: Finance and taxation, state-owned assets management and assets appraisal

Yuwu Jiang
Research Interests:numerical model of marine system, physical Oceangraphy
Email: ywjiang@xmu.edu.cn

Xiaoqing Lai
Research Interests: Neo-political economics, history of foreign economic thoughts and Chinese unemployment issue
Email: xqlai@xmu.edu.cn

Qingshun Li

Yangfan Li
Research Interests: Sustainability Science, Urbanization and Environmental Studies, Urban Region and Landscape Ecology, Urban Watershed and Coastal Wetlands, and Environmental RS and Spatial Analysis
Email:  yangf@xmu.edu.cn

Yuan Li
Research Interests: Spatial analysis and city planning, GIS quantitative analysis and planning decision support
Email: liyuan79@xmu.edu.cn

Yi Li
Research Interests: Ecological/environmental modelling, Landscape ecology, Urban ecological resilience, Urban Land-Water Systems

Jihong Lin
Research Interests: MNCs and FDI, international business, european economy and finance, international political and economic relationship
Email: linjh66@163.com

Minshu Lin
Research Interests: Modern firm theory, new institutional economics, regional economic development

Min Liu
Research Interests: Biology of hermaphroditic fishes, Biodiversity and conservation of reef fishes, Biodiversity and conservation of sciaenids (Sciaenidae), Mariculture of coral reef fishes for food and for

Zhengming Qian
Research Interests: marine economics, marine statistical ecology, marine strategic management and information analysis and its applications
Email: zmqianxm@126.com.cn

Changyi Lu
Research Interests: Environmental ecology, wetland ecological restoration technology, physio-ecology of marine plants, mangroves
Email: lucy@xmu.edu.cn

Zhikui Lv
Research Interests: Public policy and governance innovation, regional governance and estuary water resource management
Email: zklu@xmu.edu.cn

Benrong Peng
Research Interests:environmental planning and management; integrated coastal management; resource and environmental economics; evaluation of ecosystem services; ecosystem management
Email: brpeng@xmu.edu.cn

Dalin Shi
Research Interests: The biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in the oceans and their role in the global cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus; Effects of global climate change and anthropogenic activities on marine ecosystem health
Email: dshi@xmu.edu.cn

Xiaofeng Shi
Research Interests: EIA
Email: shixf88@163.com

Lizhi Tang
Research Interests: Investment economics, applied economietrics, macroeconomi operation, regional finance etc.
Email: tanglizhi2008@sina.com

Yuying Wang
Research Interests: Gender and public administration, comparative public policy
Email: wyyxm@163.com

Yibing Wang
Research Interests: ethnomusicology, culture industry, arts management etc
Email: wangyb119@xmu.edu.cn

Xiaojing Xiong
Research Interests: Environmental engineering, waste water treatment
Email: xiongxj@xmu.edu.cn

Xiongzhi Xue
Research Interests: marine and coastal environmental study, with particular emphasis on the Integrated Coastal Management(ICM) and cumulative impact on coastal environment caused by human activities.
Email: xzxue@xmu.edu.cn

Chenhui Yang
Research Interests: machine perception, computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics, visual perception and data visualization especially in marine perception and data mining, industrial technology and new IT products
Email: chyang@xmu.edu.cn

Wenzhou Zhang
Research Interests: physical oceanography, ocean modelling, air-sea interaction, ocean response to typhoons
Email: zwzhou@xmu.edu.cn

Xudong Zhu
Research Interests: Ecosystem Management, Global Change Ecology, Ecological Modeling and Remote Sensing, Climate Change
Email: xdzhu@xmu.edu.cn

Luoping Zhang
Research Interests: environmental assessment (especially in strategic environmental assessment and environmental risk assessment); regional environmental planning and management; Marine biogeochemistry of organic pollutants
Email: lpzhang@xmu.edu.cn

Yezhu Zhao
Research Interests: higher education, eu higher policy, women and gender studies, women and environment
Email: yzzhao@xmu.edu.cn

Yuntao Zhou
Research Interests: Geostatistical model, hydrology and water ecology, climate change
Email: zhou@xmu.edu.cn

Zhijia Zhou
Research Interests: environmental sociology, risks sociology and science sociology
Email: zjzhou@xmu.edu.cn

Xiaoqin Zhu
Research Interests: environment and resources law, economics law and maritime law. In recent years, she has directed some research projects in the field of renewable energy law, trade and environment, water-saving city building ,and circular economy policy.
Email: xqinz@xmu.edu.cn

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