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Training Program of Marine Environment Protection and Governance for Officials from Marine Administrative of Fujian Province
The training program of marine environmental protection and governance, which was co-organized by Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries (FPDOF), Southern Base of Marine Affairs and COMI, was conducted at Xiamen National Accounting Institute from November 1st-5th, 2016. Mr. Jianhua Song, Mr. Liangdong Wei, Mr. Xiaoxuan Lai from FPDOF and Prof. Benrong Peng from Xiamen University attended the training program. Mr. Jianhua Song, sub-inspector of FPDOF delivered an opening remark.
This program provided training services on marine environment protection and governance for officials from FPDOF. It aimed at enhancing capacity and management skills of marine administrative officials, thus improving the marine environment protection status at Fujian Province. About 60 participants including officials of marine environment protection, fisheries, monitoring from provincial government sectors, research institutes etc. attended the program. Prof. Shengyun Yang from Xiamen University, Dr. Bin Chen, Dr. Qiuling Zhou, and Dr. Jinkeng Wang from the 3rd Institute of Oceanography, Mr. Bo Jiang from Ministry of Agriculture and Dr. Zhuhua Xue from FPDOF were invited to give lectures about marine ecological civilization development, marine conservation area management, marine ecological redline mechanism, protection of fisheries resources and aquatic wild fauna, environmental management of marine utilization projects, emergency management of fisheries pollution accidents, and marine ecological compensation etc. for the participants.
The training program provided the participants an in-depth understanding on the marine environment protection and governance regimes in China and has also accelerated the capacity building of Fujian Province on marine environment protection and governance.
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