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Prof. Peter Kien-hong YU from Quemoy University at Taiwan Visited COMI and Delivered a Course for COMI Students
As invited by Prof. XiongzhiXue, Vice Director of COMI, Prof. Peter Kien-hong YU from Quemoy University at Taiwan visited COMI from July 6-10 to deliver a mini-course of Ocean Governance, Regimes, and the South China Sea Issues.
In his class, Prof. Yu first discussed the key parts and logical sequences of social science, that is: concepts, models, theories, schools of thought, paradigms, science, philosophy and religion, and explored the relationship and difference between ¡°theories¡± and ¡°models¡± by the examples of game theory and systemic theory. By the critique of the different transliteration/translations of ¡°International Regimes (IR)¡± made by Chinese academics and experts, Prof. Yu helped the students to have an in-depth understanding on what is IR and its 15 core elements. Prof. Yu emphasized that IR ranked at the highest level of international governance, it has to be shored up by international mechanisms and also measures, and played an essential role in international relations. However, IR was fragile, and easily to be undermined then failed. Finally, Prof. Yu introduced the ¡°One-dot Theory¡±, which was originally created by him and inferred through Tai ji diagram (Yin and Yang), and the application of One-dot Theory at South China Sea issues.
Prof. Peter Kien-hong Yu got his Ph.D. on politics from New York University in 1983. He is currently professor and director of Maritime Affairs Institute, Quemoy University at Taiwan. Prof. Yu has rich teaching and research experience; he used to teach at Ming Chuan University at Taiwan, Sun Yat-sen University at Taiwan, National University of Singapore etc. Prof. Yu has published more than 10 books and monographs in English and Chinese, and about 80 academic papers in English and book chapters abroad.
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