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Dr. Di Jin was invited to give a lecture to COMI
As invited by Dr. Benrong Peng and Dr. Qinhua Fang, Dr. Di Jin, Senior Scientist at the Marine Policy Center of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, was invited to give a lecture on Valuation of Coastal Amenities and Flood Risk to COMI faculty and students on November 9th, 2015.
The lecture was based on a paper entitled ¡°Shoreline change, seawalls and coastal property values¡± published by Dr. Di Jin on Ocean and Coastal Management, which introduced the application of Hedonic Models in the economic impacts of shoreline changes. Using data on residences sold between 2000 and 2010 in three coastal towns in Massachusetts, Dr. Di Jin investigated the effects of shoreline change and protective structures (seawalls) on home values. He examined explicitly the effects of hard structural protection in combination with environmental amenities and hazards (distance to a beach, elevation of a property, location in a flood zone), and found out that homeowners paid a premium in housing markets for near shore properties protected by nature (higher elevations or more stable shorelines) or by humans (seawalls). Overall, the benefits of access to ocean amenities dominated the risks of exposures to hazards associated with shoreline change. Dr. Di Jin had a further and warm discussion with COMI students after the lecture on the research design, research methodology and its application prospect in China.
Dr. Di Jin holds a Ph.D. in Economics‑Marine Resources from the University of Rhode Island. He specializes in the economics of marine resources management and marine industries, and is currently the Chair of the 4th International Academic Advisory Committee of COMI.  Dr. Jin has substantial research experience with the fishing and aquaculture industries, the offshore oil and gas industry, the ocean shipping industry, and marine waste management problems.  His papers have been published in Ecological Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Ocean and Coastal Management, Transportation Research and other journals.
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