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Dr. Tavis Potts, senior lecturer in the Department of Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen, Britain, and Mr. Daryl Burdon, senior ecological economist in the Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies, University of Hull, Britain visited COMI and CEE from Dec. 7th to 10th as invited by Dr. Qinhua FANG.
Dr. Tavis Potts and Dr. Daryl Burdon were invited to visit COMI and CEE for the cooperation project "assessment of ecosystem services value in marine protection areas: case studies from Scotland and Xiamen, China?which is co-founded by the National Natural Foundation of China 2015 and the British Royal Society of Edinburgh. During their visit, research progress of the cooperated project on both sides was introduced, and the working schedule of 2016 was discussed. They also delivered a lecture on the topic of "Ecosystem Services?as a principle and practice for the integrated management of marine systems: case studies from the UK?for COMI faculty and students. The lecture included three parts, namely: marine planning and ecosystem services analysis in Scotland, integrated management of marine systems: the Dogger Bank case study, and the method of marine protected area ecosystem service assessment. Besides, Dr. Tavis Potts and Dr. Daryl Burdon also had a field trip to the marine protected area in Xiamen and visited Dr. Li Yangfang¡¯ research group.
Founded in the year of 1495, University of Aberdeen is the UK¡¯s fifth oldest university with nearly 14,000 students. University of Aberdeen is well-known for its academic excellence and has a long list of distinguished scholars which includes five Nobel winners.
While founded in the year of 1928, University of Hull is the UK¡¯ 14th independent university belonging to traditional national universities with nearly 16,000 students. There is a wide cooperation between University of Hull and Xiamen University, which both are the members of global U8 Consortium. 
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