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Delegation From Vietnam Institute for Tropical Technology and Environmental Protection visited COMI
Date: 2010-10-25
As invited by COMI, a delegation from Vietnam Institute for Tropical Technology and Environmental Protection (VITTEP) arrived at Xiamen on Oct. 10th to visit COMI and other marine-related sectors and departments for a week.
The delegation had a meeting with COMI faculty on Oct. 11th, Prof. Luoping Zhang, Associate Prof. Wenzhou Zhang and Associate Prof. Qinhua Fang attended the meeting, and some PhDs and MA from College of oceanography and environmental science, Xiamen University also got participated. The discussion was mainly focused on finding common research interests on integrated coastal management, marine policy and law etc, and seeking for possible cooperation opportunities.  
Prof. Luoping Zhang hosted the meeting and made a brief introduction of COMI¡¯s operation system, teaching and research achievements. Associate Prof. Wenzhou Zhang introduced the work of Taiwan Strait Data Center and its website building. The Vietnamese delegation were quite impressed and showed great interests.
The delegation had another meeting with the students of Master of Marine Affairs program and also of Environmental Management on Oct. 14th. The delegation expressed their interest in the subject and concerned programs, placing high hopes to those students.
The VITTEP is one of the most important marine-related institutes in Vietnam, and it focuses on the investigation and research of marine environment and ecology. During this visit, the delegation also paid a visit to Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters in Xiamen, Yundang Lake Management Center and some other concerned sectors coordinated by COMI. They are highly impressed by the Xiamen achievements and experiences on flood control, flood protection facilities and environmental protection etc. and will bring these experiences back to Vietnam to enhance their capacity of flood control and environment protection.
The participants of the delegation are:
Dr. Phung Chi Sy, Vice president of VITTEP
Dr. Pham Hong Nhat
Mr. Le Van Tam
Mr. Nguyen Phu Bao
Mr. Nguyen Van Lang
Mr. Nguyen Duy Chien
Ms. Le Thi Thoa
Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc
Ms. Le Quang Thanh
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