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Dr. Raphael Lotilla, Executive Director of PEMSEA visited COMI on August 5th
Date: 2010-08-07
Dr. Raphael Lotilla, executive director of PEMSEA and Mrs. Nancy Bermas, senior officer of PEMSEA visited COMI in the afternoon of August 5th to discuss the new MOA between PEMSEA and COMI. Participants of the meeting include Ms. Zhiwei Chen, deputy director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Xiamen University, Prof. Huasheng Hong, Prof. Xiongzhi Xue and Associate Prof. Nengwang Chen from COMI.
Initiated from the birth of COMI, close cooperation relationship has been established between PEMSEA and COMI. PEMSEA has witnessed the foundation and grow-up of Xiamen International Training Center for Sustainable Coastal Development (ITC-SCD) as well as COMI. As an international organization who dedicates to the health and sustainable development of ocean and environment in the region of East Asia, PEMSEA has very close connection and cooperation with ITC-SCD on the capacity building of integrated coastal management; Meanwhile, as one of the four organizers of Xiamen World Ocean Week (WOW), PEMSEA also provides strong technical supports to COMI on the preparation and organizing of the main forum, scientific forum of WOW.
During the one and half hour’s discussion in the afternoon, a warm discussion was conducted on how to explore wider and closer cooperation opportunities on capacity building, scientific research, curriculum building on ICM, organization of international conferences and workshops, information sharing etc between PEMSEA and COMI. A new MOA will be signed based on these issues discussed between PEMSEA and Xiamen University to facilitate the further cooperation.
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