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The 8th Yingxue Forum Successfully Held
On June 6th, 2014, the 8th Yingxue Forum, co-organized by COMI and Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Science, opened at Rm. A220, Jinquan Building, Xiamen University Xiangan Campus.
Focused on the theme of Urban Environment and Ecological Planning Management Technologies, nearly 20 participants, including Prof. Li Yan, Prof. Huang Jinliang, Associate Prof. Peng Benrong, Associate Prof. Fang Qinhua, Associate Prof. Chen Nengwagn, Associate Prof. Li Yangfan and Associate Prof. Zhang Wenzhou from Xiamen University, Associate Researcher Lin Tao, Associate Researcher Zhao Xiaofeng, Associate Researcher Shi Longyu, Associate Researcher Guo Qinghai from Institute of Urban Environment presented the Forum.
Dr. Peng Benrong and Dr. Lin Tao first welcomed all the participants in the beginning of the Forum and pointed out that both Xiamen University and Institute of Urban Environment have advantages in their respective research areas and have developed sound cooperation relationship, thus we should further strengthen academic communication, research achievement sharing and reach complementary advantaged in respective research areas.
The presentation and warm discussions were focused on function and metabolism of urban morphology, liaise scientific study with management decision making through environmental economics, environmental assessment for decision making, coastal environmental management, urban thermal environment, nutrient process and regulation in offshore and watershed, tidal-storm surge coupling, landscape and urban sustainability etc. They also discussed the latest research progress and possible cooperation opportunities, especially the potential cooperation on using applied economics and landscape ecology to control watershed pollution as well as impacts of global climate change on cities etc.
The 8th Yingxue Forum has successfully built a friendly atmosphere of mutual communication and cooperation among all the participants.
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