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The 7th Yingxue Forum was successfully held
On June 13th 2013, the 7th Yingxue Forum was successfully held in Rm. A239, Building of the College of the Environment and Ecology, Xiamen University at Xiang¡¯an Campus. Up to thirty experts, professors and students from American ESRI company, ESRI China Information Technology Co. Ltd., Istrong Software Co. Ltd., Xiamen University of Technology, CAS Institute of Urban Environment, School of Information Science and Engineering and COMI attended the Forum.
The theme of this forum was From Digital Coast and Geographic Information Sharing to the Intelligent City. Dr. Huang Jinliang made an opening speech, he stressed that the concept of Digital Earth was introduced 15 years ago. As one of the principal technology of digital spatial data and digital earth, the research and application of geographical information technology has been enlarged and strengthened. Digitization and information sharing has gained broad consensus and intelligence and intelligent city is becoming a new trend.
Dr. Ye Zichuan, Senior R & D personnel of American ESRI Company made a keynote speech and introduced his research on ARCHYDRO - the hydrology and water resources module of ARCGIS, and water resource management related applied geographical information system. Mr. Chen Bojia, Deputy General Manager of Istrong Company shared his experience on the research and development of Estuary-Ocean Water Environment Information Sharing Platform. Prof. Yang Chenhui from School of Information Science and Engineering, Xiamen University gave a vivid explanation on how to move forward from intelligent transportation to intelligent city. Prof. Hua Lizhong from Xiamen University of Technology demonstrated findings related to his research on ¡°Pattern evolution and Simulation of bay city spatial expansion based on remote sensing technology¡±. After a short break and group photo, Mr. Lu Weiliang, Senior Product Counselor of ESRI in Guangzhou, shared the new technology achievement - ARCGIS Cloud platform and ARCGIS Online, and Dr. Huang Jinliang briefed the intended project ¡°Information service platform for ocean economic development and ocean ecological civilization of Xiamen and its surrounding oceans¡±.
Prof. Hong Huasheng, Chief Scientist of COMI, attended the forum and led a heated discussion in the forum. She highlighted the significance of cross-sector information integration and sharing, and emphasized the necessity of the industry-study-research cooperation. She affirmed that there are bright prospects for Digital Ocean, and expected to build a partnership with Dr. Ye Zichuan and ESRI China to promote substantial cooperation. This forum was successful to fulfill the purpose of exchange and cooperation.
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