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The 6th Yingxue Forum Successfully Held
On May 27th, the 6th Yingxue Forum: Exchange between Students, co-hosted by Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (COMI), Xiamen University and the Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management (IMARM), Taiwan Ocean University, and organized by Center for Island Development, COMI was successfully held in Xiamen University. Prof. Xue Xiongzhi presided over this forum themed with Island Tourism Development and Sustainable Development, concerning which about 50 students from the two universities exchanged ideas.
Prof. Hong Huasheng, Chief Scientist of COMI, delivered the opening speech. She warmly welcomed teachers and students from Taiwan Ocean University and referred to the long academic exchange between the two universities. She hoped that this forum would serve as a platform for students in the two universities to strengthen their friendship, promote their academic exchange and achieve common development. Prof. Ching-Ta Chuang, Director of IMARM, then invited teachers and students in COMI to visit their institute in his guest speech.  
The forum was divided into two parts, the first part presided over by Prof. Ching-Ta Chuang and Prof. Ji Yicheng, Director of Center for Island Development. Xu Minqi, lecturer from Taiwan Ocean University first made a speech entitled "How to Work out Win-win Strategies for Jinmen and Xiamen to Develop Sea Sightseeing and Leisure Fishery". He analyzed the sea sightseeing industry in Jinmen and Xiamen from the perspectives of development tendency, feasibility and development opportunities and strategies, based on which he put forward suggestions for the common development of the sea sightseeing industry in the two cities. Zhang Yue, postgraduate student from Master of Marine Affairs Program (MMA), Xiamen University introduced sustainable development based on Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) with Gulangyu Island as an example. She demonstrated that through three rounds of ICM implementation, Gulangyu made remarkable progress in resource conservation, environmental monitoring, cultural heritage preservation and many other aspects. Such experience could be a useful reference for other islands to develop sustainable tourism. After Zhang Yues introduction, Fang Yuan and He Shuai, also postgraduate students from Xiamen University, made presentations from the perspectives of the development of marine culture industry and taxation policies respectively, and both interested the audience greatly.
The second part was hosted by Wang Yibin, Director of Center for Island Development and Mr Xu Minqi, lecturer from Taiwan Ocean University. Xu Xinyi from Taiwan Ocean University analyzed the potential for Keelung Island to develop eco-tourism through questionnaires and empirical analysis. Xu Chengbin from Cultural and Creative Industries Research Center, Xiamen University showed how to enhance industrial development through cultural beliefs. Zhang Qiming studied Orchid Island, Taiwan and made recommendations on the site selection, limit of night tourists, long-term monitoring, etc. for the planning of the turtle reserve. Ma Zheng analyzed valuation of uninhabited islands.
After students presentations, Prof. Hong Huasheng and Prof. Ching-Ta Chuang gave a brief summary the forum. They spoke highly of the research and ideas of the students and pointed out that many of them had good prospects. Meanwhile, they suggested that the students go deeper in their research and work on multi-disciplinary possibilities, improving current research and more and better cooperation.
Since its launch in 2010, Yingxue Forum has been successfully held for six consecutive times. As an exchanging platform for multi-disciplinary research, the forum facilitated the cooperation between COMI, the School of Economics and Art College, Xiamen University as well as other establishments in marine affairs research, island development and so on. It is expected that the two universities will conduct more cooperative programs in the near future to seek limitless potentials of oceans and islands and that we will deepen our partnership for a more fruitful tomorrow.
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