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COMI received a grant from the 2009 Xiamen R&D mega-project
Co-initiated by Xiamen University and Xiamen Environmental Monitoring Central Station, the project “Scientific support platform to secure Xiamen source water in the north Jiulong River?successfully got financial support from Xiamen Science & Technology Bureau. The total budget of the project is 6.5 million Yuan, consisting of 3.4 million Yuan sustentation fund, and a self-raised fund of 3.1 million Yuan. The schedule of the project covers 2.5 years between Nov. 2009 and Mar. 2012. Led by Prof. Huasheng Hong, Chief Scientist of COMI, it is the first mega-project hosted by COMI since its establishment in 2005.
Using interdisciplinary approach and effective cooperation, the project convokes scientists, engineers, and managers together aiming at providing a scientific support platform to secure Xiamen source water. The research involves six special topics with target of Jiangdong Reservoir in the North Jiulong River, including an integrated analysis of environmental dynamics in the Jiulong River watershed, a comprehensive investigation of algal bloom process and associated mechanism, development of dynamic model for predicting water quality, improvement of water monitoring system, and practical countermeasures responding to emergencies such as harmful algal bloom. A GIS-based information sharing system will be developed to act as a platform for real-time monitoring and effective management of source water quality. The project also stresses the holistic arrangement on ecological restoration and pollution abatement, and promotes the innovation of coordinating management mechanism at watershed scale. This project is expected to enhance Xiamen City’s capacity to secure its source water.
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